Doom Patrol #6 Review

Well, we have the conclusion of our first arc and I gotta say, I can’t help but wonder what Gerard Way was on while writing this series so far. This series will straight up alter your mind. If you haven’t read any of the 6 in this series this is not the place to start. You can’t miss anything while reading these. I also gotta say Nick Derington did a fantastic job with the artwork in this one.
Doom Patrol #7

It’s time for the Doom Patrol to split in future Danny, Which from our perspective.. is actually present Danny. Danny is soaring free leaving a lovely rainbow trail in its wake. When Fake Casey rolls up in Fake Danny and gives Real Danny a side swipe. As they both blast off to the Earth, the Spectra’s space station blows up and fake Casey burns upon entry into the atmosphere, while the real Casey Brink goes unconscious. Keeping up so far?

Casey wakes up in New Mexico, Right outside of Jamestown. Which Fliff notices right away Doom Patrol #7as the home of his best friend, Crazy Jane. He breaks into the compound to find Jane wearing an interesting red and white suit. Levitating in front of 63 what we can only assume are cultists… patiently awaiting the detonation of a Gene Bomb. The effect of which isn’t quite clear yet.

Cliff and Jane argue briefly and Larry using only his fingers mentally links the two together. That’s new.. Janes cult members try to stop the Doom Patrol in the waking world and cliff finds himself in Crazy Janes underground. Which isn’t as it sounds. It’s a subway system that houses and connects her vast array of personalities. Jane explains to Cliff that she has been overtaken by a new dominant personality, Dr. Harrison. Dr. Harrison was manifested from seeing a god killed and being exposed to some of its blood.

Doom Patrol #7Snap back to the waking world Ricardo and Flex Mentallo are on a mission to stop the gene bomb. In the underground, crazy jane tells cliff that Dr. Harrison is actually posing as jane. She has found a way to cure jane by offloading her other personalities onto other people during the explosion of the bomb. Somehow the personalities that were overrun developed a way to change the gene bomb to kill the dominant personality in a person with MPD (Multiple personality disorder) With Danny flying up to greet the bomb Flex Mentallo has jumped onto it. What that’s going to accomplish I am not sure.

Dr. Harrison finds cliff and jane and rips their subway car in two.. which was impressive.Doom Patrol #7 They snap back to the real world cliff tells larry to get the gene bomb back on course.. so his negative self-takes off and does just that. This tears Dr. Harrison from jane and leaves crazy jane’s regular self to handle the body.

The team is all together now and we are left waiting for the continuation to see where this all leads. These last two issues felt a little rushed Between hints of crazy janes cultists and the spectra being eliminated I feel like we missed out on important plot points that were simply overlooked. That being said despite its mind-bending material, I still love this series.

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Reviewed by Shaun
Doom Patrol #6
Written by Gerard Way
Art by: Nick Derington, Tom Fowler, Tamra Bonvillain, Todd Klein

Published by DC
Release Date: April 26th
d, 2017

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