Injustice 2 – Chapter 2 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 2 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruce Redondo


This week’s chapter in the Injustice 2 prequel series opens up with a visit to familiar faces: Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance and continues to follow Harley’s induction into the Suicide Squad. (WARNING: If you haven’t read Injustice Years 1 & 2, then there will be some major spoilers ahead)

Let’s play a little bit of catchup for a minute. If you have even a passing knowledge of the Injustice universe, you know that Superman killed his Earth’s Green Arrow. After giving birth to her and the late Green Arrow’s son, Black Canary swore to avenge Ollie and attack Superman alongside Batman’s Insurgency. After a brutal battle with Superman, Black Canary was on the brink of death when Doctor Fate teleported her out of the battle and into a different dimension. In this dimension, Green Arrow is alive and his Black Canary had died. They both are reunited with their loves, and we don’t see or hear anything about them throughout the rest of the Injustice comics – until now.

Doctor Fate returns to the Earth where Green Arrow and Black Canary have been residing for years, and is immediately greeted by a sucker arrow courtesy of Connor Lance-Queen. This Earth’s Green Arrow is as sarcastic and witty as you’d hope he’d be. After Connor repeatedly shoots Doctor Fate, Ollie studies the arrows now stuck on the Helmet of Fate and comments: “Hmm. Good grouping.” It’s a warm, lighthearted reunion – until it’s not. Doctor Fate begins to explain how bringing Dinah here was a mistake; that he worked against fate by preventing her death. Ollie and Dinah take this as a threat an immediately launch a preemptive attack on Doctor Fate.

On my first read through, this attack seemed unmerited and I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t try to hear Doctor Fate out after all he did for them. But then I remembered we’re in the Injustice universe; where no one can be trusted. Heroes turn against heroes, and people change allegiances all the time. Heck, Dinah’s once-trusted ally, Superman, brutally murdered her Earth’s Oliver for no good reason. So it made sense that they might take Fate’s words to be a threat. After a quick battle, Fate is bested and finally explains why he’s there: to tells them Superman is defeated, and now Batman needs their help to rebuild.

Then the chapter picks up where Chapter 1 left off: with Harley Quinn being inducted into the Suicide Squad. She begins laughing at Amanda Waller, saying that capturing her was a big mistake. She knows Batman will come for her and won’t let this Suicide Squad get off the ground. After some humorous back and forth between Waller and Quinn, Waller is fed up and calls in her guards. But instead of her guards, it’s Batman who makes his entrance.

Almost immediately you can see something is off about Batman. His eyes are glowing red, instead of their usual white, and he pulls out two SMG’s and begins opening fire. It’s apparent that this isn’t the Bruce Wayne who just spent the better part of 6 years waging war against Superman because he murdered. This is someone else. But who? I’m sure that will be answered before too long.

My first read through of this chapter left me a bit torn and shocked. Like I said earlier, I didn’t like how Dinah and Ollie attacked Doctor Fate, and I definitely didn’t like to see Batman, whether it’s Bruce or not, kill people. But, on my second read, I enjoyed it much more. Tom Taylor was building the Injustice universe for years in the comics, so he understands what kind of mental state these heroes are in, and that’s on display in this chapter. For new readers however, this chapter might not sit well. Some (myself included) might have the tendency to think that since the evil Superman is defeated, everything goes back to sunshine and flowers – when in reality there are still plenty of problems left, and new ones on the horizon, to be dealt with.

Bruce Redondo did solid work in the art department as usual. He brings such a great flavor to this book with his use of facial expressions. If I had one gripe, it’d be with Batman’s new Bat symbol. But that’s not a choice of this creative teamas it was already in place via NetherRealm Studios’ character design.

Overall: Injustice 2 Chapter 2 brings back fan-favorite heroes, and continues Harley’s Suicide Squad storyline. But due to some uncharacteristic surprises, new readers might be caught off guard to the dark undertone of the Injustice universe.


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