Titans #10 Review

Titans #10 Review
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Brett Booth

Titans #10 is the conclusion to the three issue story arc, “Made in Manhattan”, and I really don’t know how to feel about it. The issue is made up mostly of a fight scene between the Titans and the Fearsome Five, and while I enjoy the action, I find the whole situation a little unbelievable.

The Titans are taken out very easily by the Fearsome Five which establishes the Five as a powerful threat. Karen then enters the scene and takes them out almost single handedly with a little help from Omen which contradicts the first fight with the Titans. It left me saying “yeah, right” in my head and took away from the story, and that is my main gripe with this issue along with the absence of character development for most of the Titans.

This issue and the whole “Made in Manhattan” arc didn’t really make a good impression on me. The only purpose it serves is to introduce Karen as a new Titans Member and setup next month’s crossover event, “The Lazarus Contract”. Abnett succeeded in making me excited for the future but failed to produce an amazing story in the present. Despite a lackluster arc, I am hopeful and excited for the future. Overall, the issue is a good read, and the art portrays the action well, but it was nothing stellar.

6.5 / 10


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