Redneck #1 Review

Redneck Texas Vampires. Yes, please.

Redneck #1

We start our story out listening to the thoughts of a Vampire giving his life story. Retelling history as he saw it when he was there for it, in a crotchety old man way. Yet he isn’t the only Vampire here, there is a whole family of ’em. Ranging in age from over 1,000 years old to baby’s a mere 60 years old. Some of the younger “guys” decide its time for a night out on the town. This, of course, leads to an incident at a bar that revealing what we assume is a long lasting blood feud. Fast-forward to the next morning and we see things Redneck #1unfold right at the end of the comic leading us into something epic for the next issue.

Cates really has a knack for storytelling, between this and God Country, he tells otherworldly stories with such strong characters. Being the first issue, there is already a cast of characters depicted here and we are able to get a good feeling for them. With big repercussions in the first issue, you know we are off to the races and next issue will be packed to the brim.

The artwork here has a very rough feeling to it, which actually fits the story being told quite well. It lends to the gritty world that we find ourselves in here, with moments of clarity but mostly muddied sketches. Dee Cunniffe’s colors as always are outstanding, managing to make nighttime scenes really pop at just the right times.

Redneck #1 does a great job of bringing you into its world. It’s a simple to the point introduction into what is sure to be a complex world. Image Comics has been turning out some pretty decent stories and I look forward to reading this series.

More Info

Reviewed by Chris
Redneck #1
Written by Donny Cates
Art by: Lisandro Estherren, Dee Cunniffe

Published by Image
Release Date: April 19th, 2017

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