Injustice 2 – Chapter 1 Review

Injustice 2 – Chapter 1 Review

Written By: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruce Redono

The Injustice universe is back in comic book form with a new prequel series for the upcoming game, Injustice 2, from NetherRealm StudiosThis series begins right after the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us and will lead directly into the events of Injustice 2. The original Injustice creative team is back as Tom Taylor, the writer that helmed Injustice Years 1-3, has returned to the series along with Injustice: Gods Among Us artist, Bruce Redono.

Note: As we review these issues there will be some spoilers (we’ll try to keep them to a minimum), so make sure to read these chapters before our reviews if you don’t want to know about any plot points.

Before I get into what I thought of this first chapter, let me just say that I have been so hyped up for the Injustice 2 game and this comic series, that I went back and read every single issue of the 6 Injustice series that have been released since 2013. So there was a significant amount build up for me to finally read this chapter: and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This chapter opens up with Batman looking in at the imprisoned dictator, Superman. The Man of Steel is held in a chamber that puts out red sun radiation, making him virtually powerless and seemingly helpless to escape. Their interaction highlights the still-broken condition of their relationship, with Superman ultimately saying Bruce’s lack of empathy led him to be so ruthless. Batman leaves Superman’s chamber, to be greeted by Harley Quinn – who has been one of my favorite characters throughout all of the Injustice series.

After Bruce ponders his conversation with Clark, the rest of the issue follows Harley at her hideout – The Quiver (originally the Arrow Cave but cleverly renamed by Harley back in the first prequel series). Before long, an explosion breaks through the hideout and reveals none other than Amanda Waller, who is there to capture Harley Quinn due to her “crimes against humanity” with goal of *forcibly* inducting her into a new Suicide Squad.

These chapters are short, so this was a pretty quick read, but it was a great introduction to this new series. By kicking of the chapter with Batman and Superman, it set the tone for what kind of role both of them will play in the upcoming issues while also giving some insight into how they both see each other after the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Harley Quinn is a highlight in this chapter, not just because the majority of the issue follows her, but also due to her character’s presence and demeanor. She has consistently brought a certain levity to this otherwise grim story, and it seems like they will continue to use her character as a major character in the Injustice 2 series.

Tom Taylor started the Injustice comic, so he understands the dynamic of the story, and the logic of the characters. He writes Superman in a way that makes the reader want to hate him; but at the same time understand him and can’t help feel a little bit sorry for him. He’s great with humor as well, so characters like Harley Quinn who are prone to comic relief seem like a natural part of his writing. Bruce Renado was my favorite artist out all the Injustice series, so it’s great to have him back as well. His portrayal of these characters is debatably one of the best out there, and definitely brings with it the “Injustice” flavor.


9.5 / 10

Injustice 2 Chapter 1 sets the series on the right path thanks to good pacing, exceptional writing from Taylor, and top notch art from Renado.

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