Animosity #5 Review

We open this issue on the philosophical wonderings of shrimp, yes SHRIMP. Before of course being eaten by a whale during their pondering conversation. Yet this funny little side note story is one of the things I love so much about Marguerite Bennetts writing! But on to the story…
Animosity #5

We catch up with this growing crew enjoying what would seem to be a normal moment on the beach. The have some new additions including another human now. As they continue to make their way across the country, Jesse is confronted with a new issue, becoming a woman. Yep, that is right, I am gonna ruin this for you now. She gets her period! Animosity #5Seriously in what other comics would they add such a real life issue with everything else being faced? This is why I love it, just another genuine touch added by the writer.

While the new human and Sandor are off to find those feminine products, the group is faced with a new terror. Something unknown is swooping down and grabbing them up one at a time. Soon with everyone back together, they batten down the hatches to keep everyone safe for the night. Yet it just doesn’t seem to end for this poor group of miss matched animals and humans as this story ends with something lurking in the bushes whispering Jesses name.

They really have a phenomenal team put together here with the writer, artist, colorist, and letter. Lending to each other so perfectly to create a visual piece that keeps you entertained. I will follow up soon with Animosity #6.

Reviewed by Leina Sallander
Animosity #5
Written by Marguerite Bennett
Art by Rafael De Latorre, Rob Schwager, Marshall Dillion
Published by Aftershock
Release Date: February 15th, 2017

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