Animosity #4 Review

First, I should apologize for falling behind on reviewing this great comic series! Animosity #4 starts us off with a little look back into the history of Jesse and Sandor. You get a look back to five years prior when Jesse is young and Sandor is a puppy. It shows her mother and father speaking of Jesses older brother and the age difference and that Jesse’s father isn’t Adams father because he passed.
Animosity #4

Flash forward to present day and they are still at the Animilitary camp. The trade-off is being made with the humans to get their scientists back and Mimico the pack leader of this branch can get his love Pearl back. Sick twist of fate as the pack turns on him in a mutiny as soon as Pear is safe. Animals bombing animals until there is almost nothing left. Luckily Jesse and Sandor make it out safely when in the last second of fleeing Mimico comes from nowhere and has it out with Sandor. When all is said and done Sandor and Jesse are left with a few new tag-along friends. Off to continue on their journey.

Bennett continues to amaze here, with the right amount of payoff for the buildup leading into this issue. In a matter of four issues, I feel completely entrenched and involved with all of the characters here. At times reminding myself that, that was indeed a koala holding a gun riding a dog. That is how much escapism Bennett is able to accomplish in this title, transporting us away into a world that feels just a real.

Being an action packed issue both Latorre and Schwager does an amazing job on art here. There is a very clean and simple aesthetic to Latorre’s pencils that is very pleasing. With Latorre being able to convey emotion on both humans and animals, really bringing our furry friends to life. Which is an important feat in this story, really putting the animals at the center of the story, as characters we truly care about.

Schwager on colors really delivers the grittiness that was needed for the fights here as well. As I have said before I just love this story line and the art has kept pace with the writing each issue! I highly recommend keeping up with this great series!

Reviewed by Leina Sallander
Animosity #5
Written by Marguerite Bennett
Art by Rafael De Latorre, Rob Schwager, Marshall Dillion
Published by Aftershock
Release Date: December 2016


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