Supernaut #1 Review

Supernaut #1 is a wild and crazy adventure into the mythos, with mind shattering storytelling throughout. With that said let’s do a quick breakdown of what Supernaut is and what is going on here. Basically, Supernaut is a 21st-century cosmic hero, that can move throughout the various dimensions of the Macroverse. With God wanting to potentially destroy the Macroverse, Supernaut teams up with four other heroes to stop this from happening. Of course, they need to go pull some trans-dimensional heists for some key items to stop God or at least make it a fair fight.
Supernaut #1

With this being the first issue of five there is a lot of information here, with Grant Morrison like detail. The information dump is real, yet I never found it to bog the story down. Nelsen uses a Memento-Esq storytelling style in which we get the end first and work our way back revealing details along the way. This really helps keep the intrigue and encouraging you to read it again to discover even more. Somehow managing to create this elaborate Microverse in just one issue is simply astounding. Tieing in past history and tweaking it for this universe is also a nice touch, with the moon landing being the basis for our hero.

Not only is Nelsen doing the story here, he is also doing the art. While at times is can be aSupernaut #1 bit simplistic, it still manages to impress. Nelsen’s color work is a highlight here, helping us differentiate where or when in the cosmos they might be at that time. Finally, the lettering here is used in interesting ways, from complete text dumps to rather fun character descriptions, it fits right in with the story being told.

Supernaut #1 is a complete mind-fuck, introducing us to a vast Microverse with concepts beyond most modern sci-fi stories, get ready for a deep dive. Nelsen has packed this issue with detail and information while revealing it all in creative ways. Drawing you in to reread the story, each time discovering something new. The world built in this first issue will leave you wanting to know more. I cannot begin to comprehend how all of this will wrap up in five total issues, however, if issue one is any indication, it sure is looking good.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Supernaut #1
Written by Michael David Nelsen
Art by: Michael David Nelsen

Published by 215 Ink
Release Date: November 9th, 2016

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