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Titans Annual #1 has a lot going on, with a Mentors vs Protege’s theme throughout the comic. Along with an isolation, horror movie feel substituting in superhero’s/villains of course. Plus throw in some good old fashioned battles and we have a little bit of something for everyone here.
Titans Annual #1We open by slow rolling all of our hero’s from both the Justice League and Titans. Each person essentially has their doppelganger. You have Batman and Nightwing. The two Flashes Wally and Barry. Aqualad (garth or tempest for you nit pickers) and Aquaman. Oh and of course Wonderman and Donna Troy. I am a little curious why these select few were chosen and the rest of their teams were left behind.

In an isolation experiment, you basically take a bunch of people throw them in a room. With no way out. No explanation as to how they got there or why they are there. In most cases everyone turns on each other, so you would assume a room full of super hero’s things would probably work out pretty well right? Wrong.

It doesn’t take long before everyone is at each others throats. Who’s gonna be in charge, who’s real, who’s an impostor?

To further provoke fear and paranoia our captor unleashes Metallo. But it’s not Metallo, it’sTitans Annual #1 a replica. They quickly destroy the fake and within minutes a swarm of Parademons appears. So who is behind all of this, Apokolips, nah can’t be. While these are very well constructed fakes, but not enough to fool our hero’s.

They can find no way out, and no obvious weaknesses in the structure. Not of their gadgets are working, They can’t even sense any other life forms. This is where this story takes a major turn. Batman pulls a pair of goggles off a dead Parademon and does some tweaking. Using these he is able to scan for organic life forms. This I felt was a stretch. With everyone’s abilities and Batman’s tech (only seeing heat signatures). Batman quickly realizes one of the people in this room is not human.

That is where I will leave it, don’t want to give too much away here. However, there are somTitans Annual #1e big reveals in this comic. Alongside a big bad that the main villain here was working for that isn’t revealed. They do tease that reveal for the next Titan’s arc, though.

With so much going on here the art really does it justice. From the crazy battles to the emotional breakdowns, this one pretty book. Jung’s pencil work here is very good, especially having to draw so many different characters and really doing them all well. Add in the colors from Lucas and I am impressed with the quality we have here.

With this being an Annual we do have a higher price at $4.99. However, the added pages here and the quality of work make that a justified price point.

More Info

Reviewed by Chris
Titans Annual #1
Written by Dan Abnet
Art by: Minkyu Jung, Adriano Lucas, Carlos M. Mangual
Published by DC
Release Date: March 29th, 2017

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