Green Lantern / Space Ghost Special #1 Review

I absolutely love the art in this coGreen Lantern Space Ghost Annual #1mic. Before we get into anything I just have to gush about this. Olivetti has a very realistic art style here and for this book, it really works. Plus Olivetti is a one man show on art here, doing pencils, ink, and colors. His attention to detail is shown throughout the title and I can’t help but admire it.
Not to skip over the work of Tynion and Sebela on the story. Managing to make their meeting and inevitable team-up not feel rushed or jammed in is a feat within itself. Plus throwing in the story of the new world they discover and all new characters there as well. All with a touch of Hal Jordan humor, they really nailed this story, what a pleasurable read. Below is a synopsis with some spoilers in there so beware.

A mysterious signal has been sent into the depths of space. A distress call of this nature is sure to only be picked up by the space police right?


Salaak sends Hal to the source of this signal which simply said “He” will destroy us all andGreen Lantern Space Ghost Annual #1 gives reference to a mysterious weapon of mass destruction. Sounds like A typical day for Hal. After some amusing bickering between Hal and Salaak our hero arrives at his destination only to find he’s apparently not the only one on a mission to find this “weapon”.

He’s greeted by Agent Orange in a not so friendly fashion and Zorak. So it’s not surprising when space ghost makes his appearance. The two evil doers, yes I said it. Are quickly dispatched in a manner that’s more than appropriate considering our hero’s.

This leaves Space Ghost and Hal to themselves. Not realizing they are there for the same reason they quickly get into a battle between the two of them. Leading them to land on a strange planet full of xenophobic inhabitants that are apparently ready for war.

Green Lantern Space Ghost Annual #1They are a very ignorant culture, believing they are the only existing life forms in all of the galaxies.  They are stockpiled with heavy weaponry and mech units like they are about to fight the swarm of squiddies and save Zion. Guess Hal took the blue pill. Our hero’s make a swift get away and continue their brawl inevitably knocking each other unconscious.

From there we get a lot more fun, but I don’t want to give it all away. With Space Ghost and Green Lantern even swapping gear in one of the battles ahead. Watching Space Ghost make a shark construct with the Lantern ring really is a highlight. Go pick this one up and enjoy the fun.

More Info

Reviewed by Chris
Green Lantern Space Ghost Annual #1
Written by James Tynion IV and Christopher Sebela
Art by: Ariel Olivetti, A Larger World Studios
Published by DC
Release Date: March 29th, 2017

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