Batgirl Annual #1 Review

With Batgirl Annual #1 we get a total of two separate stories in one book. The first being World’s Finest, where Batgirl teams up with Supergirl to break someone out of a Cadmus Black Site Lab. With the bonus story “Rain Check”, which takes place before the events of Batgirl #1. As such I will break down my thoughts on both stories below and give an overall score for the book as a whole.

World’s Finest

Batgirl Annual #1What a perfect team up, playing on of course Worlds Finest with Batman and Superman. However, Supergirl and Batgirl really do make an interesting team here. With Supergirl looking for help from Batgirl to break into a Cadmus Black Site Lab. To free someone that has been doing “long-distance telepathic transmission”, someone who can speak Kryptonian. After some discussion and a squee for joy, Batgirl agrees to help Supergirl.

I really hope that this team up does come again in the future, as this was a lot of fun to read. Both Batgirl and Supergirl really seem to fit together here as a team, each bringing something to the table. Along they way saving someone from the lab, while the person they were looking for turned out to be something they weren’t expecting.

Miranda and Cruz do an exceptional job on art here as well. With some astounding full splash pages and killer attention to detail throughout. Everything in each panel just feels crisp, nothing looks rushed or overlooked.

Rain Check

With the second story, we see an old villain in Riot Black making his way back into Batgirl Annual #1Gotham. This story takes place before Batgirl #1, so that might explain some oddities we see here and there. While this does focus on Riot Black and his return to Gotham, this story is really about Batgirl finding a balance.

What really strikes me about this story isn’t Riot Black, but rather the relationship between Babs and Alysia. Alysia is unaware of that Babs is, in fact, Batgirl. So naturally, when Babs cancels everything on her, it makes her feel left out in the cold. With this story, we get to see that redemption of them connecting again as friends. All while chasing down Riot Black and thwarting his plans in some interesting ways.

Just like the previous issue Carlini and Lopes do a great job on art here as well. Covering the spectrum from emotional to fight scenes with ease. While we do lose some details in the background here and there, it is more so to make you focus on the foreground.

Overall these two stories are a lot of fun. With one driving the story forward for Supergirl #9 and the other being a good backup story from the past. This is an easy pickup for fans of both Batgirl and Supergirl, even if you’re not this is still worth your time.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Batgirl Annual #1
Written by
World’s Finest: Hope Larson
Rain Check: Vita Ayala 

Art by
World’s Finest: Inaki Miranda, Eva De La Cruz, Deron Bennett
Rain Check: Eleonora Carlini, Mat Lopes, Deron Bennett

Published by DC
Release Date: March 29th, 2017

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