Underwinter #1 Review

Before we even get into the story lets talk about the artwork. I love it, it’s very simplistic, dark, water color design is an absolutely perfect fit for the tone of this comic. Not to mention the fact that Fawkes is not only writing this comic, he is also the artists and colorist. That’s impressive all by itself, yet it also explains why the art here is so cohesive with the story.
As for the story, this is brilliant, for horror fans and music fans alike. We are introduced to a quartet of classical musicians who are offered a job to play at a billionaire’s party, being paid a hefty sum of $10,000 each. There are several rules they must follow, they can not take any breaks. They can not choose their music. They must be blindfolded and can’t even dress themselves! Seems like a sexy party to me, but hey that’s just a thought here.

There isn’t much revealed here and it’s hard to say how much will be. Especially relevant will be keeping the mystery. Consequently, this will keep this series compelling and keep readers guessing. As I am a firm believer that the best horror novels and films are those that leave a lot up to the imagination. Rather a hint, a glimpse of a shadow, that’s terror. You have to wonder, what kind of party is this? Why are they blindfolded? Who will survive?

This is a very sophisticated comic for what it is. Each page is like walking through a pitch black house with a dim flashlight, full of sex, violence, and music. We can only see where the flashlight is pointed and have to piece it all together, hopefully, that is left to the readers. All in al it’s very well executed and I can’t wait to read more!

More Info

Reviewed by Shaun
Underwinter #1
Written by Ray Fawkes
Art by: Ray Fawkes, Steve Wands

Published by DC
Release Date: March 22nd, 2017


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