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In The Flash #19 the “Sins of the Father” story arc is continuing, with Wally West looking for his father. Leading up to this story, Wally didn’t know the man that he called Uncle was, in fact, his father, also just so happens to be the Reverse Flash. Up to this point, Williamson has done a great job in building the Bary Allen and Wally West relationship, with Barry keeping Wally as a student but not fully letting him in.
With this issue, we see Flash, Kid Flash, and Captain Boomerang captured by The Weavers Gang, looking for a way to escape. Flash and Kid Flash were looking for answers from Boomerang about Daniel West. As he was enlisted by the Suicide Squad. With their previous visit to Belle Rev only getting them a warning from Amanda Waller and not much else.

Williamson continues to build up The Flash and Kid Flash relationship here, with it taking major steps forward. With Flash finally opening up to Kid Flash and letting him in on a lot, plus some pretty touching moments. This seems to be the theme of DC Rebirth, it’s really nice to see hope back in these characters, the families are coming back to DC.

The are here is astounding. They are able to portray the gamut of emotions that they story delivers while adding to it. Particularly the faces here are what really draw me in, as with most emotions the faces are very important and they nail it here. Add in the colorwork and we have a winner.

Someone recently told me that The Flash was the best running DC Comic right now. After playing catch-up to get here, I can say that he wasn’t wrong, but there are many others in contention with it. Williamson and Giandomenico have been doing an amazing job on this title. They even leave us with a nice cliffhanger for “The Button” story arc that is upcoming, I can’t wait!

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More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
The Flash #19
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by: Jesus Merina, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Andy Owens, Chris Sotomayor, Steve Wands

Published by DC
Release Date: March 22nd, 2017


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