Action Comics #976 Review

Part four of Superman Reborn and what a roller coaster ride it has been so far. Finding out that Clark Kent was really Mr. Mxyzpltk and that New 52 Superman and Convergence Superman are one in the same, just split between red and blue. Furthermore, it appears as if New 52 Superman and Lois are back?! Yet how could we forget Jon he didn’t even need anyone to save him as he seems to be the catalyst to a lot of what has been going on as of late.
Beyond this point is going to be full of spoilers, as it will be really tough to talk about this comic without doing that. Suffice to say that if you have read parts 1-3, this is a must get to see how this story wraps up. However, it will pose more questions than it answers, so fair warning there. Overall this is a solid comic and worth the cover price, there is no reason to not go and get it. Also in The Flash #19 and Hal Jordan and the Green Lanter Corps #17 we see some effects of the events here.

With Action Comics #976 we get the conclusion the Superman Reborn arc. With all kinds of shenanigans happening throughout. For a quick high-level overview here is what happens: New 52 Superman and Lois (red orbs) are back, they don’t remember Jon, however, they get merged with Convergence Superman and Lois (blue orbs). Essentially Superman was split into two somehow post-Flashpoint, it is not revealed here how that happens.

Earlier in the comic when Jon sees New 52 Superman, he makes a quip about his red boots. This being one of the few things Superman fans did enjoy for this costume. Consequently, we get a new Superman costume when the two merge again with you guessed it red boots. Oh, and of course a little bit of yellow on his belt both much welcomed changes.

As for Mr. Oz, well it’s still super ominous, not answering much here. Being surprised that Superman and family could do the impossible and repair what was broken. When the two Superman and Lois’s merged, they effectively created a new existence merged from the two timelines of New 52 and pre-New52. Both Mr. Oz and Mr. Mxy refer to someone without naming him, saying that he will have something to say about all of this. Plus we see Reverse Flash in Flash #19 remembering the events of Flashpoint, saying he is going to give Batman a visit. Thus leaving us hanging about the mystery until “The Button” in April, spanning Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22.

We are finally creeping up on some real answers to who or what caused DC’s New 52 universe and how Rebirth came about.  While Superman Reborn has answered some questions, it has left us with a lot more. So far it is still a lot of cloak and dagger by DC, hopefully, the buildup pays off. Either way, I’m hooked for now.

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More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Action Comics #976
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by: Doug Mahnke, Jamie Mendoza, Wil Quintana

Published by DC
Release Date: March 22nd, 2017


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