A Script Rewrite for ‘The Batman’ Isn’t Bad News

News that ‘The Batman’ is undergoing a script rewrite broke last week, and it was the first major development we’ve heard since Matt Reeves took over as director. This came as a surprise to many due to previous reports saying Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck were happy with a script turned in by Chris Terrio. Although, once it was official that Matt Reeves was taking Affleck’s place, it was almost a sure-bet that there would be some major changes to Terrio’s script. Why? Simply because they’re different filmmakers with different approaches to the character. Is that a bad thing? Does a script rewrite spell “doom and gloom” for ‘The Batman’ once again? Not at all.

I want to preface the rest of this post by saying I am NOT in any way, shape, or form connected to the movie industry. This is all speculation from the little I do know about how film production works, and how both Ben Affleck and Matt Reeves are involved with this movie.

First of all, there are those who would say the script rewrite is a sign production is being delayed even more; and that they don’t know what to do with this franchise. But Matt Reeves is going to be doing work on ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ until August at the earliest, so there was never any chance Reeves was going to immediately jump into production on ‘The Batman’.

Matt Reeves will direct the upcoming Batman solo film Matt Reeves will direct the upcoming Batman solo film

A director change can greatly impact a production. There’s a good chance Matt Reeves wants to make a different movie than Ben Affleck had in mind originally – and that’s okay. Ben Affleck is a great filmmaker, and I would have loved to see a Batman film with him in the director’s chair. But Ben Affleck is also a great Batman, and he stepped down as director so he could bring the best work possible to his role. When he did that, it’s safe to assume he understood that he would effectively be relinquishing most of his creative control.

On the flipped side, Matt Reeves is an amazing filmmaker, and is probably not one to take “director-for-hire” gigs. More likely, he’d rather have a part in crafting a story he’s proud of, and can take ownership of. This should not be taken as “bad news”, this should have been expected from the moment we found out Matt Reeves signed the contract. The stakes are incredibly high for any Batman movie, and there’s no reason to think that Warner Bros., Ben Affleck, or Matt Reeves want to make anything less than a masterpiece. They’re using the time between now and August (when Reeves is done with Planet of the Apes) to start sculpting a story that will be the best story for all parties to work with.

So as fans, instead of worrying about what will happen to this movie, let’s just relax and trust that it’s in good hands. ‘The Batman’ is a priority for WB, it’s going to happen, and I believe they’re doing everything they can to make this film truly special.

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