Wonder Woman ’77 Volume 2 Review


WONDER WOMAN ’77 VOL. 2 presents all-new adventures set in the world of the 1977 TV series. In this volumes, she faces foes such as Clay Face, Gault’s Brain, and even elephant poachers. As always Wonder Woman is the beacon of justice and right prevails in each tale.

The artwork for each story is vastly different and with artist like Richard Ortiz, Christian Duce, Dario Brizuela. With so much more you really get multiple looks at Wonder Woman. Some have such a classic feel of classic comic art straight from the past it feels like it mimics the TV series. Others give such a realism feel to her that it looks at though they just painted right over of Linda Carter. I was truly impressed with the work in this volume. The writing in just as impressive with writers like Marc Andreyko, Amanda Deibert, Amy Chu and more. Each writer really draws you in the story and captures perfectly the feel of Wonder Woman.

The Breakdown

In the first story “Claymates” she faces Clay Face who is sick and sneaks aboard her jet to get to Paradise Island so he can use the clay to heal himself. He tried to take Wonder Woman on on her home turf and of course, fails and is destroyed.

Next, in “Orion the Hunter”, she faces elephant poachers in Africa. I truly enjoyed this story, first because it wasn’t her fighting some evil villain in the classic sense but a true everyday evil. It was a powerful statement about a tragedy that is still happening. Luckily as always Wonder Woman prevails and shows that she is a doer of justice for the world.

The next story “Revered Mike Love You”, has her taking on a strange cult. She comes to find out is a group of aliens trying to prep humanity for total take over. As always Agent Prince is in the right place at the right time and figures out the plot where Wonder Woman is able to come in and save the day.

In “Oceans 77” Diana and Steve board a yacht under the pretense of a married couple to aid in the protection of Ambassador Posner. Diana notices they are changing course and end up coming up against Charybdis. All thanks to the Ambassador who is trying to use it to control the waters. Ending with Charybdis creating a massive whirlpool which is sucking in all of the other boats Wonder Woman is there to saves the day.

“The Revenge of Gault’s Brain” Gault is back to his evil doing and Agent Prince instantly recognizes him during a bank robbery gone wrong. When they find Gault he tries to take over Wonder Woman’s body but she takes him to the psychic plan to fight him on his own level. In an epic battle of minds Gault and Wonder Woman duke it out until of course, Wonder Woman wins. Wonder Woman is then able to come back to this plane and remove Gault’s brain from her head. Putting him exactly where he belongs, in a giant jar and into jail.

In “Worlds Collide” Agent Prince and Steve are following a double agent to see who she is taking secrets to. An accident happens and the tapes are mixed up with none other than Superfunk the band. Diana and Steve capture the spy, however, they have no idea of the tape mixup. When their boss realizes they have the wrong tape they are given 24hrs to make it right. As they realize how the tapes were switched the go to find Superfunk just as the lead singer is being kidnapped with the tape. Quickly Wonder Woman swoops in the save the singer and gets the tape back into the right hands.

“The Man Behind the Curtain” Agent Prince is in the small county of Chovania for the Youth Festival of Peace. While there one of the main acts Danny Blue is kidnapped. Wonder Woman is easily able to overcome the kidnappers and free the singer. They escape and find a tunnel which leads them to the ruler of Bulgovias underground lair. Finding he had tried to kidnap him for his sick daughter who was his biggest fan. They were able to make the little girls day and get back to the concert just in the nick of time.

The final story “Seeing Stars” A Russian space station is attacked and the Russian believe the Americans are responsible. Agent Prince goes undercover in Russia to make sure that this doesn’t spark a war between the countries. As she makes it to the Russian camps a bomb is set off and she is barely able to escape but runs across the person who set the bomb. She follows this mystery person who takes off in a spaceship and ends up finding it cloaked in the woods. When she is able to get aboard she finds not only the Russian astronauts but American ones as well.

Upon further inspection, she finds the alien who is speaking with her command about the success of her mission. Which was to turn the Russians and Americans against each other so they could wipe each other out. Making it easier for the aliens to come in for world domination. Wonder Woman then steps in at the end of the conversation as they are taking off into space for an epic battle. Wonder Woman wins as always and returns all of the astronauts to their respective countries to keep a war from happening.

Final Thoughts

All in all this trade was a great read. I really enjoyed all of the different styles of art and writing. I think they gave it a true feel of the 70’s show and I would highly recommend this to any Wonder Woman fan or any just look for a great comic book read!

More Info

Reviewed by Leina
Wonder Woman ’77 Volume 2
Written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Cat Staggs, Tom Derenick
Published by DC
Release Date: Feburary 15th, 2017


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