All-Star Batman #8 Review

All-Star Batman has been a ton of fun to read so far, with everything from serious to comical going into it. All-Star Batman #8 is no different, in which we get to see Batman beating Nightwing with a robotic flamingo in the first seven pages. Of which Scott Snyder explained on Twitter that it was “Butt jealousy”, how perfect.
The entire opening to this comic has me smiling from ear to ear, it is perfectly Batman. We see Batman taking down Blackhawk members that are impersonating members of the Bat-family. Batman easily picks apart the imposters flaws in fighting, noting that his family knows how to #$%^ fight and that’s how he knew they were fakes. Which leads to the Nightwing flamingo fiasco due to some healthy butt jealousy.

As the twists and turns continue in part three of “Ends of the Earth” we get a psychedelic adventure from Mad Hatter. Batman is looking for the person behind the Blackhawks, the Mr. Freeze break-in, and the spore that was released because of it. Being convinced that Mad Hatter was the next key in the case is what brings us here. With a villain that I would have never thought twice about, this makes me rethink him entirely.

Snyder really takes us on an adventure here, with Mad Hatter making Batman question reality and himself. Recounting the day that they first met and nearly convincing us that he planted a tag into Bruce’s hat. This tag interacts with the wearer’s neurology, allowing them to see the world how they want to, ala VR. Showing us Bruce before he took up the Batman mantle and posturing that this entire existence was all in his mind, due to the tag. That, in fact, Bruce was in a wheelchair and that Joker, Harley, Bane, Penguin, and Riddler were friends trying to help him back to reality. Snyder has you questioning Batman’s existence as we go along in the story, bending your mind at every turn.

Matching the mind-bending story we have amazing art from Giuseppi Camuncoli, Mark Morales, and Dean White. The transformation of the worldview throughout this comic is astounding, driving the story along with ease. From pencils to color this book is one of my favorites in the series so far. Not to mention the letters by Steve Wands really playing a big role in the story, usually overlooked, however, the lettering here really shines.

All-Star Batman is quickly becoming my favorite title, with Scott Snyder is solidifying my man crush along the way. This is simply one title you cannot miss and will, just like his New 52 run, be in some of the best Batman stories ever told.

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More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
All-Star Batman #8
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by: Giuseppi Camuncoli, Mark Morales, Dean White, Steve Wands

Published by DC
Release Date: March 15th, 2017


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