Savage Things #1 Review

I absolutely loved Savage Things #1.
We start with a kid coming home to find his parents dead and the killer sitting in the living room. He sits there emotionless with only a look of confusion on his face. Testing the kid he threatens to kill him, asking him what he would do if he let him go, he replies “I’d kill you”. The stranger puts his gun away and says he thinks he will enjoy his new home.

We learn the guy, ironically named Bob, is part of a government program called Black Forest, where they use sociopaths as weapons to carry our orders against enemies of the United States. Children have their parents killed, taken to a secret facility and trained. Flash forward 25 years we see one of these kids as an adult and in action. Hunted down by the organization that trained him, leaving us with a cliffhanger at the end.

The artwork in the book almost feels cinematic, like the panels are being pulled from a storyboard. It feels grungy, with a rough sketch feeling to it, matched with muted tones in coloring. Along with the story, these feel perfectly matched, making this a very quick and enjoyable read.

I am totally ready for the next book. BRING ON BOOK TWO!

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More Info

Reviewed by Cas
Savage Things #1
Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Ibrahim Moustafa
Published by Vertigo
Release Date: March 1st, 2017


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