Justice League of America #1 Review

In so many of its iterations, the Justice League has been composed of the gods of the DC Universe, the powerhouses. In one version or another, the team has been composed of titans such as Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern. The idea is that those heroes act as an inspiration to the people they protect. With the new Justice League composed of Batman, Killer Frost, Black Cannery, The Ray, Vixen, And LOBO….??!!?? We can only hope they can do the same.

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 begins like many of the other Rebirth team books, collecting a group of seemingly unrelated characters into a collective called to save the world. The title echoes Detective Comics as Batman gathers yet another roster of heroes (and almost-heroes) without revealing the risk(s) they’ll face.

As a reader, we quickly become aware of the risks this group of unorganized powerhouses encounters. One being a demigod with an attitude larger than himself or the crew he rolls with. With the life of others and his teams well being on the line, Batman makes a choice that not only will shock readers but will pull on their heart strings for many issues to come.

Altogether this issue provides a clean and crisp animation art style that keeps your focus on the page at all times, never allowing your eyes to wander or to lose track of word bubbles or the subtle transitions in writing that keep the issue flowing into a cascading waterfall of feels.

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More Info

Reviewed by Forest
Justice League of America #1
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by: Ivan Reis

Published by DC
Release Date: February 22nd, 2017



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