Detective Comics #951 Review

After last weeks tour of Detective Comics, this week in Detective Comics #951 we start out heavy and fast. Without giving too much away Lady Shiva and The League of Shadows make their first appearance in this comic. This should be no surprise as this new arc is entitled, League of Shadows, this first part being Unleashed. How The League of Shadows enters Gotham is a rather clever and brutal way and as usual, leaves us with a cliffhanger at the end.
TynionIV continues to fit so much story into such a small and enjoyable package. Showing us more about Orphan and how she is handling Spoiler’s departure, while also dropping the tidbit that Batman knows he couldn’t beat Orphan one on one. All while delving into the dynamic of Batman, Kate, and her father trying to hash everything out before the storm hits.

Since issue one, The League of Shadows thread has been in Detective Comics. In the beginning, it was just an ominous threat that Jacob was convinced of, up until now where it is really kicking off. While a lot has happened on the journey to this point, this always seems to have been the end goal for TynionIV.  Yet again week in and week out Detective Comics continues to not disappoint.

While the art in Detective Comics #951 isn’t my favorite, I still find it very enjoyable. It has a very retro feel throughout the book, evoking a good kind of nostalgia. With heavy use of blacks on Batman and bright color pops throughout. The only complaint here is that at times it is lacking in details on some panels, but with a twice monthly book that is to be expected.

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More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Detective Comics #951
Written by James TynionIV
Art by: Christian Duce, Alex Sinclair, Sal Cipriano

Published by DC
Release Date: February 22nd, 2017


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