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Ever since I was 5 years old I have been a fan of HE-MAN. I remember hours of my childhood spent playing with my toys. I remember every chance I had to get a new one or spend time in the toy isle to look and hope for what was next, I took it. So when I heard there was a comic book written about Eternia and the world I remembered as a child.  Both excitement and fear came to mind with HE-MAN Eternity War. It could ruin the childhood memoriesI had of this fantastical world that I created when I played and all the cartoons I watched.
Fast forward 30 years. I sit here with this first trade on my desk, remembering the toys I had and the characters from the show and everything I just read. I don’t want to spoil this comic but if you are a fan of HE-MAN in any form and spent a portion of your childhood with this franchise. This will not let you down. The art work is incredible and some what on the darker side.

No time is wasted in the plot, it takes you into battle immediately and leaves you wanting to know what happens next. The story brings you into Eternia and brings all of your favorite characters back into play. Not just the main characters/toys but a lot of the side toys and lesser known characters as well. I want to spoil the comic and tell you about all the great things I just read. However it would be better for you to pick up the trade and read it. You won’t be disappointed.

HE-MAN The Eternity War

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Reviewed by Cas

HE-MAN Eternity War
Written by Rob David, Dan Abnett
Art by Pop Mhan, Tom Derenick
Published by DC
Release Date: October 13th, 2015


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