Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 Review

WONDER WOMAN: Rebirth #1
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Liam Sharp & Paulo Siqueira
Released June 8th, 2016
DC Comics

8 months after it’s release, Wonder Woman: Rebirth elegantly reminded me of the heart behind DC’s entire Rebirth event. Geoff John’s described Rebirth as “re-laying the ground work for DC’s future while celebrating the past and present”; and that’s precisely what this one-shot accomplishes.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth finds Diana Prince, having just experienced great loss after the events of “The Final Days of Superman”, now trying to refocus on her identity and purpose. Her dilemma arises when she struggles to remember the truth of her past.

Greg Rucka’s script does a great job voicing Diana’s desire for truth in the midst of an existential crisis. Since this script is so introspective, captions are the primary avenue that narration is delivered. Because of that, the several word balloons that appear really emphasize key moments in Diana’s story. I can almost hear Wonder Woman speaking out loud as her thoughts become words on the page.

There is an acknowledgment in Diana’s narration throughout the book of the need for a course correction, which is very symbolic of the purpose of the Rebirth event. As she ponders her past, there’s a very clear point where she sees the need to return to her misstep, and start over. This is beautifully illustrated via an art team transition. Matthew Clark and Sean Parsons craft the first part of the story with Diana experiencing this struggle in her mind. They offer very faithful depictions of key events form her past, and also stylize her initial musings in a way that’s reminiscent of the New 52 art. Then, as Diana comes to terms with her new mission, Liam Sharp & Laura Martin take over as the art team to conclude this book and set the tone for the future issues.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth reminded me of all of my best hopes for what all the new Rebirth titles could be. I felt invested in Diana’s story once again, and excited to see a freshly invigorated Wonder Woman take the spotlight.


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