All Star Batman #7 Review

So I have been missing out a lot lately on comics. With our local store closing down and life being just that. I had to play catch up recently and haven’t reviewed most of the first arc on All Star Batman. As this review is for All Star Batman #7 I will keep it to just that, however I will not be doing written reviews for the ones I missed. If you would like to hear my thoughts on those, tune in to our PodCast on 2/14/17 for Episode #27.
So a quick recap as #6 was the beginning in the Ends of the Earth story arc. Last issue we saw Batman going to Alaska to stop Mr. Freeze from unleashing an ancient plague. While he was able to stop Mr. Freeze, thanks to a squadron that was not military, the virus was unleashed anyways. If you missed #6, go back and read it before going on to #7, not only is the art amazing but being not lost is nice.

Opening up this comic Batman is in what looks to be a new Batsuit, with green accents. One could surmise that this will somehow help Batman with Ivy in their future encounter, though that is never expanded upon. Once they do come together later in the comic, it seems to give him no inherent advantages, so apparently just aesthetic, not as with the gadgets we saw in #6.

Throughout this run we see a common theme with Batman wanting to reason with the villain. We saw this with Mr. Freeze last time and now we see it with Ivy here. It does make sense when he is approaching Ivy, as he needs her help. Also in the case of Two Face, he was trying to help a friend or so he thought. Yet I still cannot help but wonder, why this was the approach when confronting Mr. Freeze? Perhaps this will be explained at a later point or an event that will clear up this reasoning.

The majority of this comic revolves around a countdown, beginning with thirteen. As the comic moves along it begins to tell a story, the reason Batman is asking for Ivy’s help. It is the story of Lilith Seguro, a young girl that was infected with Mr. Freeze’s ancient plague. Over the course of the comic we come to find out more about the plague and how Ivy can help. Once again running into this mysterious army, that appeared after “My Own Worst Enemy” and in the last comic. While Ivy does offer some help she is not the final answer it would seem.

With this being the 2nd comic into the new arc, it’s hard to not be pulled in by it. While Snyder does have a tendency to get a bit wordy in the stories, it never seems to be a fault. Add in the All Star artist rotations that are on these books and if anything you have something pretty to look at. Snyder has mentioned in the past that this series is his “The Long Halloween” which leaves me giddy with excitement for what is to come. Next issue we have Mad Hatter, who knows what will come out of that.

All Star Batman #7

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
All Star Batman #7
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by: Tula Lotay, Steve Wands

Published by DC
Release Date: February 7th, 2017


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