Detective Comics #950 Review

So I have been missing out a lot lately on comics. With our local store closing down and life being just that. I had to play catch up recently as the last Detective Comics I read was #942, so quite a bit has happened since then. As this review is for Detective Comics #950 I will keep it to just that, however, I will not be doing written reviews for the ones I missed, if you would like to hear my thoughts on those, tune into our PodCast on 2/14/17 for Episode #27.
With this being #950 and the Anniversary Edition, we get 3 stories in total from the Detective Comics team. League of Shadows Prologue: Shadow of a Tear, Higher Powers, and The Big Picture. With this being an in between for the next story arc of League of Shadows, we get these nice filler stories before that arc goes into the swing. Luckily for us, these mini stories are masterfully written and fleshes out characters from the team providing insight to their stories.

Detective Comics best detail is the attention paid to each character. This isn’t a story about Batman and the team, it’s a story of Batman, Batwoman, Orphan, Spoiler, Clayface, Azrael, Batwing, and Tim Drake. An impressive feat to say the least, with such a cast of characters, you never feel like anyone is left out or misplaced. Nor do you feel like it is crammed in to make sure they meet a quota.

The first mini story is League of Shadows Prologue: Shadow of a Tear. Delving into the character Orphan and her troubled past. With the upcoming story arc League of Shadows, one would assume that she will play a large part in it. This story sets up the inner turmoil of Orphan and her difficulties of working with a team or even with not being an assassin anymore. TynionIV does an amazing job here laying out Orphan and really letting you see more of the character. Ending this mini story with a nice little cliffhanger for what is to come.

The second mini-story being Higher Powers. Showing off more of the new member to the team Azrael in a training mission with Batwing. Yet again TynionIV does a great job of depicting Azrael and letting us peek into what makes him tick. There is a great dialogue scene in here between Batwing and Azrael, where they discuss theology, with both of them having very different views. This like the previous, ending with a nice cliffhanger that will surely be answered sometime soon.

Finally coming to a close with The Big Picture. Where there is a frank discussion between Batman and Red Robin. This, of course, being before his **SPOILER** death a few months back. Tim Drake takes Batman to his Robin’s Nest, great play on words here. He goes over all of the recent happenings with the other Robins and the development of the Detective Comics team and confronts Batman. With all that is going on it is clear that Batman is preparing for war, but what war is on the horizon?

I just cannot gush enough about this series, I absolutely love it. From the writing to the art styles this comic has been pure bliss to read. Even when there are down issues, like this one, I just love to read about the back stories of the characters and see them interact with each other. If you haven’t been reading this, now is a good time to start.

Detective Comics #950

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Detective Comics #950
Written by James TynionIV
Art by:

League of Shadows Prologue: Marcio Takara, Dean White
Higher Powers: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson
The BIG Picture: Eddie Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas
Published by DC
Release Date: February 1st, 2017


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