Trinity #5 Review

Variant by Bill Sienkiewicz


Writer: Francis Manapul

Art: Francis Manapul with Steve Wands

Release Date: 1/18/2017

Francis Manapul’s Trinity: Rebirth run has been filled with deep emotion and mystery. With the release of each issue, I’ve come with increasingly high expectations as Manapul has excelled in bringing a great story with complementary art. Perhaps my high expectations caught up to me, as I was underwhelmed with Trinity #5.

The story arc of Trinity (“Better Together”) has Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman trapped in a dream world where they have been reliving key events from their past with altered outcomes. This issue serves as the climax to the story arc, and while it wasn’t necessarily bad, it just didn’t seem to serve the arc as well as I would have expected.

What I expected was all of the intense emotion from the previous issues of this title to be capitalized on when the mystery of this dream world was finally explained. What I got was an explanation of the dream world without any of that emotion. However; in narrative, I do understand that “beauty” sometimes needs to be compromised for “comprehensiveness” (and vice versa), and this issue seems to be a good example of that.

The best moments in Trinity #5 came with the interaction of the Mogul (the villain revealed to be behind it all) and the three heroes. Mogul reveals an intriguing plot twist, and his presence in the story is both threatening and fearsome. I also appreciated the art, as the issue uses a pattern of dreamlike, faded yellow backgrounds that complement the plot.

Overall, Trinity #5 wasn’t bad. It just didn’t use the strengths of the previous issues to it’s advantage. The result is a decent plot development with very little heart.


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