Zeus in the DCEU?

New rumors about 2017’s Justice League seem to be surfacing every day. With all of this (sometimes-ridiculous) speculation going around, I decided to revisit some of the coverage from the set visit back in June to see if I glossed over any actual concrete details about the film. Surely enough, I found some intriguing remarks from Deborah Snyder and Charles Roven about the appearance of Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, in a short sequence in the film pertaining to the history of the Mother Boxes.

After revealing some conept art of Zeus, here’s what Deborah Snyder had to say about his appearance in ustice League:

“He’s in a very small part. Obviously the Apokoliptian technology, the Mother Boxes, gives it a whole sci-fi, you know, flair. But I think it’s still our world that they’re living in.”

It certainly seems like Snyder was quick to curb the notion that Zeus would in any way be a key player in the film. He will in all probability be tied in with the story of the Mother Box that resides with the Amazons, and nothing more. This may be old news to some of you, but with the current tone of realism in the DCEU, it can seem a bit odd that a mythological character like Zeus would have any role at all, right?

Enter: Wonder Woman. 

We already know from the first Wonder Woman trailer that Diana was “brought to life by Zeus.” Since the concept art shown during the Justice League set visit sounds like it was a relatively new design, it’s unlikely Zeus will actually appear in Wonder Woman. But since this is a film that is rooted in the mythos of the Amazons, it could easily pave the way for a more natural and “believable” appearance of a character like Zeus in the DCEU.

What are your thoughts on seeing Zeus in the DCEU? Do you think he’ll have a small role in Wonder Woman, or will he simply be name dropped like the trailer suggests? Also, what are your thoughts on his reported role in Justice League?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below!