Revolution #1 Review


Talk about a childhood blast from the past, in Revolution #1 we get to see G.I. Joe’s and Transformers fight it out. So just as a quick run down here is everyone that you will see in this comic: Action Man, Salmons, Big Ben, Joe Colton, Scarlett, Rock N’ Roll, Roadblock, Mayday, Beach Head, Mainframe, Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Windblade, Kup, Arcee, Jazz, and Victorion. Man that is a lot cast to have in one book, but yet they pull it off, with enough characterization from each to understand what they are all about.

In this first issue we get to see the timeline of events that is leading up to the fight between G.I. Joe and the Transformers and how it all went sideways. Now of course it wouldn’t be G.I. Joe or Transformers if it wasn’t over the top and a bit ridiculous and be sure that it is here, don’t take that as a bad thing though, it is pulled off in the best of ways. It all starts off with an explosion of Ore 13 in Mouth Olympus where Action Man comes across a wounded G.I. Joe. This starts the catalyst for this crossover and what follows is everything you loved about the 90s.

The writers Chris Bunn and John Barber have a monumental responsibility here, with so many characters involved they have to do right by all of them, and so far they are pulling it off. As with most crossover events, they open with a bang and then explore the rubble that is left behind. I am already a bit behind on this one but I can’t wait to see how this story fleshes out over the entire event.

Moving along to the art team with Fico Ossio, Sebastian Cheng, and Tom B. Long, they probably have the most difficult job of all. Each of these characters are pretty well established and they have to portray them in a way that won’t piss off the fan base for each of them. In this first issue they walk that line with grace and ease, this comic is aesthetically astounding. The art style here is very clean and polished, which works for what they are doing and I can’t wait to see more of it.

In all if you are a fan of G.I. Joe or the Transformers, this one is worth checking out.

9 / 10

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya Revolution #1 Written by Cullen Bunn Art by Fico Ossio, Sebastian Cheng, Tom B. Long Published by IDW Release Date: September 21st, 2016

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