The earliest memory in my mind of anything having to do with Batman is when I was 3 years old.  I was waiting to pick up my sisters from The Boys and Girls Club with my mom.  With my brand new Michael Keaton Batman action figure in hand, Gotham’s criminals were going down.  That was before The Caped Crusader’s head popped off.  Dread set in when I realized my favorite toy may have been destroyed but luckily, my mother popped the Dark Knight’s dome right back into place.

Life moved on as it does and suddenly I was in 8th grade and had almost completely grown out of toys.  Between destroying them, giving them to thrift stores or just losing them, I had no more toys.  Looking back, I cringe about some of the stuff I got rid of but there is redemption in this tale.

Roughly three years ago, I decided that I didn’t need to follow all of the adult clichés and norms.  I missed my childhood and I wanted to get those toys back.  It was time to reunite with Batman for good!  Granted, most of them are quite a bit more expensive and hard to find these days but that just adds thrill to the hunt.  The joy of finding a packaged figure that has been obscured since I was a child is something that would be hard to explain.

It might be a hobby, it might be an obsession but DC toys are one of my favorite things.  The original Mego line, the Kenner figures from the 90s and DC’s recent designer series are all staples of my collection.  Nostalgia is the driving force behind my desire to collect and these things bring me back to a time when life wasn’t so complicated.  That’s why I have no problem saying I’m a 28 year old man who still collects toys.

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