3 Takeaways From the Behind-the-Scenes ‘Justice League’ Footage

WARNING: This post has spoilers from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and potential spoilers for “Justice League” (2017).

Next week, we’ll be posting a more complete guide to everything you need to know about ‘Justice League,’  but for now, let’s talk about this awesome sizzle reel! 

If the reception of the current entries in the DCEU has made you nervous about the upcoming Justice League movie, this sizzle reel has a clear message: Justice League is different. This footage was released on Twitter last week by Zack Snyder in celebration of wrapping up filming in the UK. There’s a lot of quick clips in this footage, but there are also some awesome clues about the plot of Justice League.

ere are the ones that stood out to me:

A Better Look at Batman’s New Tactical Suit

It’s been confirmed that Batman will have two suits in Justice League: a suit very similar to the one we saw in Batman v Superman, and a new “Tactical Suit.” A few weeks ago, Zack Snyder posted the first image of Batman’s Tactical Suit (seen in the image above on the left), and the sizzle reel showed us the same shot (image on the right) of the suit from a different angle. With both of those images, we have a more complete idea of how awesome this suit actually looks!

We don’t know exactly what the Tactical Suit will be used for just yet, but in an interview with Extra, Ben Affleck had this to say about the new suits: “One is the one that we’ve seen before, and then one that he augments because of the nature of the mission, which I can’t give away. But it was a chance for them to play with the suit and add elements to it and kind of tech it out, and I thought they did a really good job. It was really fun.”

A Potential Hint of a CGI Army

Those guys behind The Flash look like they’re ready for some serious CGI! But what kind of computer-generate imagery will be put over those bright green suits you ask? Well, there are some pretty good theories out there, but my best guess is that these men will be some sort of soldiers in Darkseid/Steppenwolf’s army – most likely parademons.

In the comics, parademons are essential peons in Darkseid’s army. Remember those weird flying things in the Knightmare sequence in Batman v Superman? Well, it was never officially confirmed, but those definitely looked like parademons. Batman had his hands full when he was fighting them in BvS, so if the guys in green suits in the sizzle reel are indeed parademons, we can expect to see some great action sequences of the Justice League fighting off hoards of these nasty things!

*Bonus takeaway: That shirtless dude behind the guy in the red bandana is none other than Henry Cavill himself… a.k.a SUPERMAN- which brings me to my final takeaway:

The Return (or Resurrection?) of Superman

The secret (but not-so-secret) return of Superman has been all but confirmed in the sizzle reel with a quick shot of Henry Cavill on set. There have been a bunch of other forms of confirmation that Cavill will be returning as the Man of Steel in Justice League, but in case you needed some extra proof – I think this shot just about does it.

At the end of Batman v Superman, Superman met his apparent death in a heroic final stand with Doomsday. But we were given a glimmer of hope that Superman’s part in the DCEU wasn’t over with the final shot of the movie showing dirt on Clark Kent’s casket begin to rise.

It’s pretty unclear right now as to how Superman will return; but nonetheless, I can’t wait to see Superman back in action, fighting alongside the Justice League in their first-ever cinematic appearance!

There were several other big takeaways from the sizzle reel, but those were my favorite moments! What were your big takeaways? Do you have other theories about those guys in the green suits, or about Superman’s return? Let us know in the comments!

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