I Hate Fairyland #9 Review


I Hate Fairyland is everything you love about Pop-Culture references, blatantly obvious innuendos, and the most adorably demented art you can find. I am convinced that this needs to be turned into an adult cartoon and become a wild hit. Skottie Young has turned what I thought would be a short run of fun into a sprawling adventure that I keep coming back to for a great laugh. 

In the last few issues, I Hate Fairyland has turned more into a serial comic that you could pick up and just read without knowing anything that happened before. I for one am ok with this move, it makes this just a good time and always a laugh, with some pieces thrown in here and there from the past. I could give issue 9 to someone that hasn’t read the series at all and they would still enjoy it and not feel that lost. This is the sitcom of dementedly adorable comics, for adults of course.

In issue 9 we find Gert playing a game of cards with some wizards and witches, because that’s what you do in Fairyland, of course. Gert gets herself into a bind and bets more than she has, being threatened to be devoured by Mr. Slitherington by none other than Mr. Ridiculously Long Name. Her solution is to give him a Catastrophon, which is thought to be extinct, but Gert has one in Larry’s hat of holding. Gert must go into the hat and find it though, which brings us the story of “Splat in the Hat”.

In this wild adventure, we get to see Gert come face to face with all the Fairyland residents that she decided to throw in the hat over time. None of which are too happy to see her, but there is a bigger issue at hand, with the Lynts infection. See they didn’t clean the hat or even take showers, which you know can cause infections. This all leads up to a gloriously gruesome fight between the captives, Gert, and the Lynts. Luckily theCatastrophon shows up just in time to save Gert by eating the Queen Lynt, oh and the Catastrophon is an adorable cat with horns, of course. 

Young is killing it in this comic, both literally and figuratively, with his Pop-Culture references down to the overly cute art.  One of my favorite details being the x’s over their eyes when they are dead, even though it is obvious that they are missing half of their body and their guts are everywhere, a nice touch! Go pick this one up and thank me later, it’s filled with laughs and great art, you can’t go wrong with that, right?

9 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya I Hate Fairyland #9 Written by Skottie Young Art by Skottie Young, Jean Francois Beaulieu Published by Image Release Date: September 21st, 2016


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