Batman #6 Review


Six issues into Batman and we are running at full speed, Tom King has setup his world and now gets to play in it. In issue six we get the I am Gotham Epilogue, wrapping up this story line to move into the next. Gotham Girl/Claire has absolutely lost her mind, after having to kill her own brother she has snapped. We see her flying around Gotham saving the city while still talking to her dead brother Hank.

In closing out this arc we get to peak into more of what drives Batman and how he is coping with everything. In order to help Claire he reveals his identity to her while talking about the day his parents died and how he still lives with it day to day. King manages to take a narrative we all know too well with Batman and make it compelling, showing his grasp for the characters he writes here. All of this wraps with with a big reveal of Bane and a quick into into the next arc of I am Suicide as a part of Night of the Monster Men. Showing how Hugo Strange is able to make the new Monster Men, with venom.

I’ve said it before, King’s writing takes a few issues to build up and then we are off to the races. He does it here again, while weaving a story that is complex and fleshing out characters that he seems to have such a firm grasp on. For his first arc on Batman I’m hooked its fun, deliberate, solemn at times, and packed with action, everything I want in a Batman comic.

In this issue we get a guest pencils by Ivan Reis and it is simply stunning art. This issue is my favorite out of this run so far, with the inks and colors driving it home making for breathtaking pannels. A quick shout out to Marcelo Maiolo for the colors here as well, managing to make the dark scenes pop of the page is quite a feat. In the next arc we have Riley Rossmo as the artist, I am excited to see what he can do here, to get an idea of his art style check out his website.

9 / 10

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya Batman #6 Written by Tom King Art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, Scott Hanna, Marcelo Maiolo Published by DC Release Date: September 7th, 2016

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