Superior Review


Superior is a comic series written by Mark Millar (yes the writer of Kick-Ass) and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu. It is published by Marvel Comics under the company’s Icon Imprint.

Twelve year old Simon Pooni has Multiple Sclerosis. A space monkey named Ormon comes to him and offers him any wish he could possibly wish. So he wishes to turn in to Superior a Superman like Superhero. He is told that Ormon will come back in a week and tell him why he was chosen.

He spends a week as Superior saving his town and then on to the world. When the Monkey comes back Simon finds out he is actually a minion of Satan and he either has to go back to his old life and his crutches OR stay Superior and give up his soul. He decides to go back to his old life and so Ormon has to trick him in to turning back into Superior by trying to destroy his city.

Long story short, I won’t ruin the whole comic, go get the trade you won’t be sorry!!!!

8.5 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Leina Superior Written by Mark Millar Art by Leinil Francis Yo Published by Icon Comics-Marvel Release Date: December 2010 – March 2012

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