Action Comics #960 Review

**Spoiler Warning**

While this book has everything that a good Superman book should, we are hitting Part Four of Path of Doom and it is beginning to falter. As I mentioned in my review of #969, this story is beginning to slog along and becoming too cumbersome. The Doomsday fight is starting to feel like a Dragonball Z fight, taking several issues to actually accomplish anything. Maybe the Doomsday fight was too big to start this series off?

In this issue, we get to see Diana join the fight with Clark and Lex against Doomsday. Diana seems to be just as lost as the reader about the whole Clark and Superman scenario going on here. There are several very nice moments with Diana and Lois meeting, which feels to be this issues only saving grace. Along with Jurgens picture perfect portrayals of Superman and Diana, a very welcome return to form.

In all this issue is packed with dialog that at the end of the day just feels like filler. Superman ends up filling in Diana and Lex on Doomsday and retells his origins in a condensed form, as they have never dealt with him in this continuity. We see Jon’s powers manifest again in ways he still can’t seem to control, breaking a few things around the house. However, if you are looking for a good Superman family story, I suggest reading Superman as it just tells this story a lot better.

Kirkham’s art is another high point in this issue. Some panels are not as detailed as I would have liked but they are still good, something you would expect from a twice monthly book. The opening spread and some of the full page panels are just gorgeous to look at. Also of note is Arreola’s coloring, distinctively different from Prianto’s but still very good in its own right.

Even with the story hitting a slow point I still want to find out more about human Clark and see what Mr. Oz has to do with all of this. There are enough threads here to pull through for the next issue, hopefully, it will pay off in a big way.

6 / 10

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya Action Comics #960 Written by Dan Jurgens Art by Tyler Kirham and Ulises Arreola Published by DC Release Date: July 27th, 2016

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