Action Comics #959 Review

Action Comics sure is living up to its name, each book has been packed with the new Doomsday battle. With obvious ties to the 90s story arc as Dan Jurgens is writing this one as well. With twists here and there in an attempt to keep it fresh. Yet I have to ask the question, does this still work, do I really want to see another Doomsday battle?

There are plenty of things here that makes this work with Jurgens doing a good job at fleshing those points out. Superman now has a family, not just Lois but a kid as well, he is fighting for a lot more here. With the beautifully done opening panels showing dialogue from Lois really hitting this point home, showing us how this wanes on them as well.

Tie that in with the other Clark Kent mystery and there are things that keep me interested in the story. Yet I feel like this is beginning to drag on for a bit too long with some answers coming but not enough. Each time they reveal something new, it just raises more questions giving me the feeling that we are going deeper into the rabbit hole with no payoff.

In all of this, I can’t help but want to see the new Lex Luthor as the Superman in Action Comics. I feel for his character and he is doing his best to be what he needs to be in a world, in which he thought, there was no Superman. The story of him fighting Doomsday could be so much more interesting than having Superman go at it again. To add insult to injury Lex (with godlike Mother Box powers)  is being relegated to saving innocents while Superman does all of the heavy liftings. Inevitably it feels like he will return to Lex Luthor of old and I’m honestly kind of sad for that.

So far in this run, Kirkam and Prianto have done an amazing job on the art. With their panels and action scenes really bringing the story to life, it is a pleasure to admire. Again going back to the opening 2-page spread, just gorgeous.

Final Thoughts

In all, I am still interested in the story and will keep on reading. However, I really hope we start to get some answers and the story begins to move along at a faster pace.

7.5 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya Action Comics #959 Written by Dan Jurgens Art by Tyler Kirham and Arif Prianto Published by DC Release Date: July 13th, 2016

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