The Ultimates #8 Review

The Ultimates #8

The Breakdown

Starting out in this book we get a bit of an introduction to the team and how the current iteration of The Ultimates formed. After the brief flashback, we get into the Thanos fight we previously saw in Civil War II #1, showing a lot more backstory to the fight and some emotional rides that we missed in the main book. Plus, we get a peek into the US Government and how they are trying to keep tabs on the team.

The Good

If you have been reading The Ultimates up until this point it is no surprise that yet again this is a great read. Ewing manages to do a quick intro to the team and gets right into the story. Those of you that are coming in for the tie-in to Civil War II will not be lost in what is going on. At the same time, you can read this issue without even knowing the events in Civil War II and still get a complete story never feeling lost. This is how all tie-ins should be done, it is not forcing the reader to know the current event, but if you want to know more you have that choice.

Carol Danvers is the driving force in this issue and how she interacts with the different members of The Ultimates. The intro largely focuses on T’Challa, Dr. Adam Brashear, and Monica Rambeau, all diverse characters, showing how The Ultimates formed and became a team. With members of the team wanting to keep solutions nonviolent unless forced otherwise. Flashing over to white washed government officials talking about the diverse members of the team. How they need to keep them in check and are worried about their ulterior motives. The social narrative is very clear here, a view on the current social climate of America.

Ewing writes this issue with just as much of a political view as emotional, showing each character and how they respond to what has happened. With this story, they delve deeper into what happened in Civil War II #1 fight with Thanos and it gives levity to the story, a character’s death is given the respect and emotion it truly deserves. All of this is pulled off beautifully and with such precision. There is a perfect balance here, you leave feeling fulfilled knowing the weight that is left on each of the characters.

Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown are as always an excellent team on art, truly showing the emotions that are conveyed in the issue. It goes from pristine and clean too gritty and quite grim with such ease and beauty. The flow of the panels and the art pair perfectly with the story and what is going on at the time. Make no mistake Ewing, Rocafort, and Brown are at their best in this series right now and it is a pleasure to admire the work of art they put on each page.

The Bad

It is really hard to find any complaints about this issue, again they are all nitpicks, one being how they left out Ms. America out most of the book with no dialogue. However, they did mention that she has a girlfriend, which is a good move forward.

9 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya The Ultimates #8 Written by Al Ewing Art by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Brown, & Joe Sabino Published by Marvel Comics Release Date: June 22, 2016

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