Action Comics #958 Review

The Breakdown

In part 2 of “Path of Doom” there is plenty of action, nostalgia, and mystery. Opening up the issue the do a quick recap of how we got here, with 2 Clarks, 2 Supermen, and a familiar foe. We return to the Superman most of us knew and loved, both in form and action.

The Good

Dan Jurgens is back and telling what feels like a very familiar story with lots of twists and turns. After a brief intro with a lot of internal dialogue from pre-new 52 Superman, we see Mr. Oz being ominous, speaking of the pieces falling altogether. Cutting over to Lois and Jon watching the news broadcast of Superman, Lex, and Doomsday fighting it out. We see Lois recalling the previous fight in their time with Doomsday and telling Jon that “Daddy won.. That’s the most important thing”. Jurgens captures the nostalgia and emotion from the previous fight with Doomsday in the scene between Lois and Jon just beautifully. For those that don’t know this fight you can still tell that Lois is worried and for those that do, you know why she is concerned.

Throughout the issue, we get to see how Superman and Lex need to work together to take on this foe while saving innocent bystanders. Lex is still confused and trying to figure out how Superman is alive again, noting it is not the one he knows. While Superman is beginning to question if this Lex is the one that he once knew or if he was too quick to judge. One particular page showing dialogue from Lois describing the Superman that we all have missed. Jurgens has a clear connection with Superman and you can see it throughout this issue, reminding us all of what Superman should be.

Zircher is able to convey the scale and emotion needed to keep the story moving along. While it is not particularly my favorite art style, there are scenes that are just plain gorgeous. Either way, this story arc is adding up to be quite good and I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

The Bad

Due to the faster schedule, bi-weekly, you can see that the art suffers slightly. With the inks being a bit too heavy at times and the backgrounds lacking the detail you would see from a once a month book. But this is a small price to pay and can easily be overlooked.

8.5 / 10

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya Action Comics #958 Written by Dan Jurgens Art by Patrick Zircher Published by DC Comics Release Date: June 22, 2016

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